Skype Dokusan

Daisan is a very special practice opportunity in the Buddhist tradition.  Sometimes referred to as the “secret teaching,” it is a private interview between a qualified teacher and a student.  the content of such interviews is focused on the student’s challenges in and questions about practice.  All parts of the conversation during daisan should be considered strictly confidential.

Traditionally, daisan takes place in the teacher’s room (or, at Great Wave, it takes place in the Founder’s Room).  In recognition of the fact that most American Zen practitioners are lay followers of the path and do not live in monasteries with frequent access to a teacher, Great Wave teacher will occasionally permit a student to have daisan via Skype video conferencing.

Skype daisan is a privilege, not an entitlement.  To be eligible for Skype daisan, a student must

  • be a monthly dues-paying member of Great Wave Zen Sangha;
  • regularly attend weekly sittings on Thursday and Sunday evenings;
  • regularly attend Great Wave retreats and other events;
  • have had several face-to-face interview with Gendo Sensei;
  • be a formally recognized student of Gendo Sensei; and
  • have been granted permission to have Skype Daisan.

Being eligible for Skype daisan does not a guarantee that a student will be permitted to have Skype daisan.

If you have been permitted to have Skype daisan, you may contact Gendo Sensei via Skype by searching for Skype Name “revgendo”.

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