Anyone who supports Great Wave’s mission may become a member.

Membership generally means that one wishes to provide regular financial support for Great Wave.  (As a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Great Wave is entirely dependent on its members’ donations to meet its on-going financial obligations.)

Becoming a member of Great Wave carries with it both practical and spiritual benefits which include

*Eligibility to attend GWZS Board meetings;
*Discounts on almost all events (for Sustaining, Practicing, and Affiliate Membership levels of support);
*Streaming Dharma talks by Gendo Sensei;
*Increased access to private teachings;
*Skype Daisan (private interview) opportunities with Gendo Sensei (additional conditions apply); and
*Reduced tuition at the future Great Wave College.

Below, we outline our membership categories and the current monthly donation amount.  Simply click on the PayPal button to set up your monthly donation amount.  (If disability or other financially extenuating circumstances prevent you from donating the standard amount, please click here.)

*Sustaining Membership ($60+ per month). This special membership category is for anyone who is deemed qualified for membership under the terms established by the Board of Directors and who pledges a regular annual donation amount greater than that established for practicing members. Sustaining members receive the same benefits as practicing members.

Become a Sustaining Member by pledging $60 or more per month.

*Practicing Membership ($50 per month). This membership category is for anyone who will be practicing zazen with the Sangha on a regular, weekly basis. Practicing members receive a discounted rate for sesshin and some other retreat events.

Become a Practicing Member

*Friend of The Great Wave Zen Sangha ($10 per month). This membership category is for anyone who wishes to support the Sangha and receive newsletters and special communications, but attends Sangha activities infrequently.

Become a Friend of Great Wave Zen Sangha

Alternatively, you may make donations to Great Wave via your financial institution’s bill-paying service.  For more details about this method, please speak with a Board member at the Center.

We sincerely thank you for your support of Great Wave Zen Sangha!