Dana (Giving)

Generosity, or giving (Dana), is one of the six Buddhist paramitas, or “perfections.”  It is possible to give in many ways, including physical labor, contributing to committee meetings, and, of course, by offering financial support so that Great Wave can continue to fulfill its mission to spread the Buddha-Dharma.  To enable one-time contributions, we provide you with a PayPal button below.  How much you choose to give is entirely up to you.  We appreciate anything you can do.

Also, in recognition of the reality that some practitioners are unable to pay the requested amounts for establishing membership in the Sangha or for retreats and other events, the button below can be used for one-time donations of a smaller amount.  You may also send checks payable to Great Wave Zen Sangha to

Great Wave Zen Sangha
315 N. Rath
Ludington, Michigan 49431

It may also be possible that some individuals may wish to participate in retreats, but cannot afford even small one-time donations toward such events.  If you are in this situation, please talk to Gendo Sensei about a scholarship.  (Just complete the contact form.)

Thank you for all that you do!




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