Ikebana: Flower Arranging Workshop

Japanese Ikebana
As part of Great Wave’s effort to provide opportunities to expand our practice sphere to the arts, it is offering a 3-hour introductory workshop in ikebana—the Japanese art of flower arranging.  The workshop will take place on Saturday, September 15, 2012, from 9:30 – 12:30.  Our instructor is Notre Dame University Teaching Professor Emeritus Sondra Byrnes, a long-time ikebana practitioner and student of Zen.

The session will include the historical and philosophical background of ikebana; demonstration of several ikebana styles, and hands-on experience. Participants will learn the principles; acquire an appreciation for this unique art form; develop basic skills; and create a take-home arrangement. Although studying ikebana is generally considered a lifelong endeavor, this workshop is designed to introduce concepts and skills that can be incorporated in Western style arrangements.

Participation is limited to 10 individuals, so please ensure that you complete our workshop registration form early.  (Members of GWZS may register here).  Also, please bring a pair of garden shears to the workshop. Other materials will be provided.


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