Gendo Roshi in Live Stream Tonight

Enlightened Lawn Mower

Gendo Roshi will deliver a teisho via his live stream YouTube channel this evening at 7:15 PM.  The title of his talk is “How to the Mow the Lawn: Honoring Our Ango Commitments.”

This event constitutes Great Wave’s first attempt at live streaming and for that reason should be considered somewhat “experimental.”  Viewers are encouraged to use the live chat feature during the talk to ask questions.  Roshi will do his best to answer them.

If you cannot participate in the live stream, a recording will be available on YouTube.

Summer 2022 Ango

View of a section of Jeta Grove, in Sravasti India
View of a section of Jetavana Monastery in Sravasti, India. (Image by Bpilgrim.)

Ango, or “Peaceful Dwelling,” is a period of intensive practice, a tradition whose origins go back to the time of the Buddha.  Back then, he and his disciples would cease their customary wandering lifestyle at the beginning of the monsoon season, taking shelter from the incessant rains for three months.  During this time, they devoted themselves to intensive study, the teaching of laity and younger monks, and meditation.  The Buddha delivered many of his sermons during these periods, often at the vihara in Jeta Grove.

In the Zen tradition, there are typically two three-month ango each year, one in the summer and one in the winter.  This year, Great Wave’s Summer 2022 Ango will take place from June 1 to August 20.  As in years past, my hope is that all those who I have formally accepted as students will commit to more intensive practice by completing our Ango Commitment Form prior to June 1.  However, you needn’t be a formally recognized student to complete the form.  I encourage everyone to make a commitment to further their practice.  Your forms will be printed and stored inside the altar in the ancestor room at Myogenji.

In Gassho,
Gendo Roshi

June 2017 Sun Buddha Sesshin

June 21, 2017 @ 7:00 PM – June 25, 2017 @ 9:00 AM
Grand Rapids
Members, $160.00; Non-Members $240


June 21st is the date that marks the summer solstice, that time of year when the number of hours of daylight are at their greatest. In acknowledgement of this astronomical event, the Great Wave Zen Sangha is pleased to announce the 2017 Sun Buddha Sesshin. This retreat will take place from Wednesday, June 21, at 7:00 PM through Sunday, June 25, at 9:00 AM, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Image of the Sun Buddha
In traditional Buddhist cosmology, Vairochana Buddha, AKA the “Sun Buddha,” resides at the center of the universe of the Five Buddha Families.  He dispels the darkness of ignorance and radiates the brilliant, white light of awakening.

This sesshin will provide participants a perfect opportunity to deepen their practice through extended periods of meditation, Dharma talks, private instruction with Gendo Sensei, oryoki meals, and scripture recitation. In addition, Ango-Entering and Fusatsu ceremonies will be conducted. The cost of sesshin also includes all meals.

Driving directions to our retreat location, as well as other details of the retreat, are available for all participants—simply login at, complete our Event Registration Form, and pay the sesshin fee.

Please note that seating and on-site accommodations are limited.  You are therefore advised to register early.

We look forward to practicing with you!

Ango Entering Message from Gendo Sensei

English: Japanese term for a three month long ...
English: Japanese term for a three month long period of intense training for students of Zen Buddhism, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ango, or “Dwelling in peace,” is traditionally a season-long period of more intense practice in Zen monasteries and usually culminates with a seven-day sesshin. Great Wave is undertaking a modified ango for the month of July, holding daily meditation periods in the evenings, except for days of the month that end in 4 or 9.

I want to encourage everyone to attend as many sittings as possible and to complete the online Ango Practice Pledge Form.  The forms will also be available  in the Sangha room.

The ango will end with a seven-day sesshin which I hope you will attend.

In gassho,

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