Summer 2023 Ango
Summer 2023 Ango

Summer 2023 Ango

View of a section of Jeta Grove, in Sravasti India
View of a section of Jetavana Monastery in Sravasti, India. (Image by Bpilgrim.)

Ango, or “Peaceful Dwelling,” is a period of intensive practice, a tradition whose origins go back to the time of the Buddha.  2500 years ago, he and his disciples would cease their customary wandering lifestyle at the beginning of the monsoon season, taking shelter from the incessant rains for three months.  During this time, they devoted themselves to intensive study, teaching laity and younger monks, and meditation.  The Buddha delivered many of his sermons during these periods, often at the vihara in Jeta Grove (pictured here at left).

In the Zen tradition, there are typically two three-month ango each year, one in the summer and one in the winter.  Great Wave’s Summer 2023 Ango will take place from June 14 to August 12.  As in years past, I hope that all those I have formally accepted as students will commit to more intensive practice by completing our Ango Commitment Form as soon as possible.  However, you needn’t be a formally recognized student to make Ango commitments.  I encourage everyone to make a commitment to further their practice.  Your forms will be printed and stored inside the altar in the ancestor room at Myogenji.

In Gassho,
Gendo Roshi

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