Rohatsu 2015 Retreat Announced

Rohatsu 2015 Retreat Announced

Morning start over the Pacific Ocean (source: Wikimedia)
Morning start over the Pacific Ocean (source: Wikimedia

Great Wave will be holding a day-long retreat, or zazenkai, on December 6, 2015.  Dubbed the 2015 Bright Star Zazenkai, this retreat is a traditional part of Rohatsu, the Zen tradition’s week-long commemoration of Shakyamuni Buddha‘s enlightenment beneath the bo tree 2500 years ago.

Geared for practitioners of all levels, this retreat will offer participants an opportunity to deepen their practice of meditation, study scripture, hear a Dharma talk, and to receive private instruction (daisan) from Gendo Sensei.

For more information, and to register for this event, please see our online events calendar.

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