On Master Dogen’s “Uji” (“The Time-Being”)

On Master Dogen’s “Uji” (“The Time-Being”)

Gendo Roshi‘s talk on Eihei Dogen Zenji’s essay “Uji” or “The Time-Being” appears below.

“Uji,” composed in 1240, is one fascicle of master Dogen’s extended work, The Kana Shobogenzo or Treasury of the True Dharma Eye.  You may read a translation of “Uji” here.

Gendo Roshi encourages the submission of comments here or on Great Wave’s YouTube channel.

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  1. John Knewitz

    I agree that Dogen is difficult. I found your talk to be very clear and your comments about Uji being more concerned with practice versus metaphysics particularly helpful. I now will reread this facsicle – very slowly. Thank you. John Genshin Knewitz

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