2024 Summer Ango
2024 Summer Ango

2024 Summer Ango

June 18, 2024 @ 7:30 PM – August 16, 2024 @ 12:30 PM America/Detroit Timezone

2024 Summer Ango

View of a section of Jetavana Monastery (in Sravasti, India), showing the entry of the Mulagandhakuti, and the Anandabodhi tree in the background.  It was here and at similar vihara that the Buddha and his followers sheltered during the monsoon season.

Ango, or “Peaceful Dwelling,” is a traditional period of intensive residential practice, usually lasting 90 to 100 days.  These more intensive periods of practice date back to the Buddha’s day, when he and his disciples ceased wandering and took shelter in vihara (monasteries) during the monsoon season.  In the Zen tradition, there are two 90-day Ango periods–one in summer and one in winter.  Here in the West, Ango has often been modified to accommodate the needs of lay practitioners who typically must go out to work, rear children, maintain homes, etc.  At Great Wave, there is one, 60-day, non-residential Ango per year, during the summer.  Each individual commits to increased practice in one or more of Great Wave’s Eight Gates of Zen Training.

Our 2024 Ango will take place from June 18 through August 16.  To participate, please complete the 2024 Ango Commitment Form by no later than Monday, June 14.  A brief Ango Entering ceremony will take place on June 18, during which those who made commitments will be acknowledged.

We hope that everyone, regardless of experience with Zen, will participate in this year’s Ango.

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