Call to Join the 2018 Rohatsu Zazenkai

Call to Join the 2018 Rohatsu Zazenkai

Dear friends of Great Wave Zen Sangha,

It is at this time of the year when the Zen tradition commemorates the enlightenment, 2500 years ago, of Shakyamuni Buddha.  It was at that moment that he is said to have uttered the words, “Wonder of wonders! I and all beings on Earth together attain enlightenment!”

Image of the Buddha depicted touching the earth at the moment of his awakening
The Buddha depicted touching the earth at the moment of his awakening.

In the aftermath of his awakening, the Buddha questioned whether he should even try to tell others how they too could awaken.  The path he had taken to emancipation had been difficult. But he soon decided that there would always be someone who was willing to do what has to be done to realize the truth of this life.  And so he began what would become a 50-year teaching career.

What will be your special connection to this story?  How will you realize, and then actualize, your Buddha-nature?  These are questions you can spend a lifetime exploring, and the best way to do that is by entering into a traditional retreat environment where each of us strives to awaken just as Shakyamuni Buddha did 2500 years ago.  I invite you, therefore, to attend the upcoming 2018 Rohatsu Zazenkai and to share in the spirit of gratitude for the Buddha’s extraordinary example.

You can find more information about this retreat and a link to the registration form by navigating to our events calendar.

I look forward to practicing with you.












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