On Master Dogen’s “Uji” (“The Time-Being”)

Gendo Roshi‘s talk on Eihei Dogen Zenji’s essay “Uji” or “The Time-Being” appears below.

“Uji,” composed in 1240, is one fascicle of master Dogen’s extended work, The Kana Shobogenzo or Treasury of the True Dharma Eye.  You may read a translation of “Uji” here.

Gendo Roshi encourages the submission of comments here or on Great Wave’s YouTube channel.

COVID-19 Closures

To help support state-wide efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, all scheduled meetings and events of the Great Wave Zen Sangha are canceled until further notice.  This cancellation applies to the Myogenji Temple in Ludington and our affiliate group in Grand Rapids.

At this time, we are not aware of anyone affiliated with the Sangha who has received a PUI (person under investigation) status or who has tested positive for COVID-19.

In the meantime, we encourage a strong, daily home practice.  Visitors may also want to watch some recent teisho by Gendo Roshi.

If you have any questions, please use our Contact form or call 231-907-2910.


Sweeping Clouds Zazenkai

“Clouds sweep the eternal sky; nesting in the moon, the crane—
The cold clarity gets into his bones, he can’t go to sleep.”
(From Case 7, Book of Serenity)
(Photo by Martin Koitmäe, 2009.)

There is a kind of cold that gets into our bones in January, but it is not the kind of cold that has to do with the weather. Cold, winter, and ice—these are Zen tropes for the mind that awakens in the midst of meditation. Please join us at Kyoseikan Dojo in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for the Sweeping Clouds Zazenkai. This retreat will begin at 7:00 PM, Saturday, January 25, and end at 4:30 PM, Sunday, January 26.

Practitioners of all levels of experience are welcome to attend this day that will be rich with opportunities for meditation, scripture recitation, teisho, and dokusan with Gendo Roshi. Two vegetarian meals will be included.

To participate, please complete our Event Registration Form by no later than January 22. Your timely registration and payment ($30) allow us to plan a menu and make other arrangements.

We look forward to practicing with you!

Changes to Weekly Zazen Schedule

Please note that our Wednesday evening zazen at Myogenji Temple in Ludington will change to Tuesday evenings, 7:15—8:30 PM, starting on September 10.  (Our Saturday morning zazen remains unchanged.)

Also, starting on September 8, weekly zazen at our Grand Rapids location (Kyoseikan Dojo) will take place every Sunday, 10:00—11:00 AM.

Please see our Events Calendar for location details.

August 2019 Gate of Sweet Nectar Sesshin

Great Wave Zen Sangha is pleased to announce the 2019 Gate of Sweet Nectar Sesshin.  This sesshin will take place at the beautiful Hall Family guest house at Hamlin Lake, just north of Ludington, from Wednesday, August 7, at 7:00 PM through Tuesday, August 13, at approximately 9:30 AM.  We hope you will join us!

Participants will have an opportunity to deepen their practice of zazen; hear talks by, and receive private instruction from, Gendo Roshi; go on a mindful nature walk in one of the many Lake Michigan parks in our vicinity; and participate in service ceremonies. This particular sesshin will conclude with our annual Kanroman (Gate of Sweet Nectar) ceremony, one of the most beautiful and stirring ceremonies that we perform. The Kanroman is associated with the Japanese festival of lights, or Obon.  As always, everyone who has received an orientation, regardless of experience, is welcome to attend this retreat.

We ask that you complete the Event Registration Form as soon as possible as seating and accommodations are limited. (Both full- and part-time participation options are available.) Once you are registered, you will receive an email with further details about this retreat.

We look forward to practicing with you!

Zen Fundamentals Course Offered in Grand Rapids

Image of the Buddha Family Mandala. (Image by Aloka. Originally published at The Buddhist Center.)
Buddha Family Mandala. (Image by Aloka. Originally published at The Buddhist Centre.)

What is Zen?  What is meditation all about?  The answers to these and other questions about the Zen Buddhist tradition will be answered in a four-part introductory course, which will take place at Kyoseikan Dojo, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on four consecutive Sundays, starting May 12, 2019, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Participants will receive instruction in the fundamentals of Zen practice, including breathing meditation, an introduction to Buddhist scripture and ceremony, the central importance of the Buddhist precepts, and the student-teacher relationship. Discussion, refreshments, print materials, and a class certificate will be offered.  Most sessions will be led by Rev. John Gendo Wolff, Roshi, resident teacher at Great Wave Zen Sangha.

As a culminating event, a traditional zazenkai (one-day retreat) will be offered at Kyoseikan Dojo on Sunday, June 9. (Please register for the zazenkai separately by visiting our Events Calendar where you can find more information about this retreat.)

Seating for the Zen Fundamentals course is limited.  Please complete the online Event Registration Form by no later than May 8.