Ango Entering Message from Gendo Sensei

English: Japanese term for a three month long ...
English: Japanese term for a three month long period of intense training for students of Zen Buddhism, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ango, or “Dwelling in peace,” is traditionally a season-long period of more intense practice in Zen monasteries and usually culminates with a seven-day sesshin. Great Wave is undertaking a modified ango for the month of July, holding daily meditation periods in the evenings, except for days of the month that end in 4 or 9.

I want to encourage everyone to attend as many sittings as possible and to complete the online Ango Practice Pledge Form.  The forms will also be available  in the Sangha room.

The ango will end with a seven-day sesshin which I hope you will attend.

In gassho,

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