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New to Zen Practice?

New to Zen Practice?

Many of us came to Zen Buddhism just the way you are doing now, with some curiosity and perhaps not always the broadest base of knowledge.  This is fine. Click below to learn how you can start Zen practice.

Zen Practice at Great Wave

Zen Practice at Great Wave

Great Wave offers weekly meditation meetings, workshops, classes, and several kinds of retreats that will help you deepen and clarify the “great matter of life and death.”

Spiritual Training Paths

Spiritual Training Paths

Great Wave’s spiritual training paths offer clear guidance for each person’s level of interest and commitment to the Buddha-Dharma.

Engaged Buddhism & Eco-Dharma

Engaged Buddhism & Eco-Dharma

Great Wave is committed to engaged Buddhist practices, especially in the area of eco-Dharma and climate change action.



Becoming a member of Great Wave Zen Sangha helps it to fulfill its mission.  Learn more about the benefits of becoming a member.

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New Teisho by Gendo Roshi on YouTube

Gendo Roshi has published a new video teisho on YouTube concerning case #4 of the Hekiganroku (The Blue Cliff Record).  Entitled "What Are You Carrying?" this teisho explores the phenomenon... Read More "New Teisho by Gendo Roshi on YouTube"

Zen Makes Me Sick

  Gendo Roshi has published a video on YouTube entitled, "Zen Makes Me Sick"—a teisho on Case #3 ("Master Ma is Unwell") from the Hekiganroku, (The Blue Cliff Record). Viewers... Read More "Zen Makes Me Sick"

October Intro to Zen Buddhism Class

Great Wave Zen Sangha will conduct a 3-part Introduction to Zen Buddhism class on Sunday, October 1, 8, and 15, from 1:00 - 4:00 pm, at Kali Yoga studio, 8830... Read More "October Intro to Zen Buddhism Class"

September 24 Golden Wind Zazenkai

Great Wave will offer a one-day retreat for practitioners of all levels of experience at our home temple in Ludington, on Sunday, September 24, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. ... Read More "September 24 Golden Wind Zazenkai"

Weekly Zazen to Move to Monday Evenings

As of August 28, Great Wave's weekly zazen meetings will move from Tuesday to Monday evenings, 7:15 - 8:15 PM.  As a reminder, it is possible to subscribe to our... Read More "Weekly Zazen to Move to Monday Evenings"

August 6, Zazenkai

Great Wave will hold a one-day retreat at our home temple in Ludington, on Sunday, August 6. This zazenkai will provide opportunities for zazen, liturgy practice, a teisho by Gendo... Read More "August 6, Zazenkai"

Dana (Giving)

Your generosity sustains us.

Generosity, or giving (Dana), is one of the six Buddhist paramitas, or “perfections.”  It is possible to give in many ways, including physical labor, contributing to committee meetings, making freewill donations, and/or offering regular financial support in the form of monthly dues so that Great Wave can continue to fulfill its mission to spread the Buddha-Dharma.  The PayPal button below will allow you to make a one-time donation of any amount.  (For member dues payments, please visit our Membership page.)

You may also send checks payable to Great Wave Zen Sangha to

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How much you choose to give is entirely up to you.  We appreciate anything you can do.

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